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It's Jess!

Big Girl Pants
New Girl, Jess/Nick, Winston, Schmidt, Cece.
For [personal profile] dynastessa and [personal profile] thetidebreaks. Characters belong to Elizabeth Meriwether and Fox.
Jess has finally figured out the secret of their shared universe. It's all about the pants. Maybe, just maybe, about one pair in particular.

( Jess takes a deep breath and twirls the new full-size Feelings Stick in her fingers. It's pretty much worthless with the guys and she's the only one who's actually allowed to touch it now, since Nick still glares the second he sees it and Winston uses it to feel for the remote from far away and Schmidt only uses it to dodge the Douchebag Jar, but sometimes it's just nice to have. )

Remember how I said I wasn't going to be writing 6500-word fic every week? Yeah. This one's juuuuust over 8k. I've grown so enamored of this show and its loveable, squishable cast, much more than I ever thought I would, so this one was a lot of fun to do.

I'd marvel at the fact that I managed to write 8000 words about what boils down to a day and a half, but [profile] queenie_b and I once wrote over 25k about one night and the following morning. So much love to [personal profile] templeandarche, for being her awesome self.

Pardon me, I'm just going to pass out now.
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Every year I make a writing-relating resolution. It's usually something specific and focused that I can work on slowly (read: procrastinate) for the next twelve months, and eventually never actually finish. This year, after having such a rewardingly-productive Yuletide season, I decided to join forces with [personal profile] the_afterlight and do things a little differently.

And then we completely lost our minds.

So I give you The Resolution Resolution, our pledge to write one NYR prompt a week for the next year. For those of you keeping count at home, that does indeed translate to 52 fics in 52 weeks. I have my "maybe" list narrowed down to about, oh, 620 prompts, so there's no shortage of potential. There will be occassional themes and challenges and surprises, and I think I speak for both of us when I say that it's both exciting and utterly terrifying.

The first fic on the docket is...

Lost In Translation
The Losers, Jensen/Cougar, Pooch, Clay, Aisha, Roque.
For [profile] just_katarin and [profile] elishavah. Characters are property of Diggle, Jock and Vertigo, I'm just playing with them for awhile. Can you blame me? They're kind of glorious.
Jensen's given a Spanish side mission, and learns more than he thought he would. Sometimes in song.

( "Spanish? Seriously, Clay?" )

This one got out of hand. I will not be writing 6500-word fics every week, I wouldn't survive the year if I did. But this was an absolute blast. I love writing stream of consciousness characters - the ramblers, the blurters, the ones that can't even shut up inside their own heads - and Jake Jensen is among the best of them.

Tris wrote an adorably delightful Final Fantasy XIII fic this week, Might As Well Be Me, so be sure to check that out as well.

See you next time!


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