Oct. 18th, 2015

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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Another year, another Yuletide. My ninth, I believe — time flies when you're waxing poetic about tiny fandoms in the hopes that someone else loves them as much as you do. And as that's the very reason why you're here, welcome! I hope my word-laden squee will not send you running for the hills. And if I have rambled on longer for a fandom or two in particular (and I have, I have most definitely done that), it's just my strange stream-of-consciousness, not an indication that I love any of them more or less the others. I want each and every thing I've requested, want them like burning, and I will be thrilled to receive fic for whatever delightful fandom we've matched on.

In general...

Yes, please: Character-driven fic (with plot. Or porn. Or plot and porn). :) Found families. Platonic soulmates. Canon divergence. Demonstrating love, not declaring. Magical realism. Verbal sparring (TO THE DEATH). Internal versus external conflict. Symbolism, subtext, and stories that live between the lines. Unique approaches to the narrative (non-linear storytelling, stories that play with format and structure). Broken-boy soldiers, magnificent bastards, snarky sidekicks with hearts of gold. Strong women whose strength isn't all (or at all) physical. Certain tried-and-true tropes: amnesia, huddling for warmth, fake relationships (when they both have Feelings!). Hero's Trials, especially when the hero is female. And good old-fashioned jealousy, when the jealous party is the person who holds the balance of emotional power.

No, thank you: Incest and infidelity. If you take nothing else away from this section, please take that. Completely non-canon AUs (i.e. of the bookshop, coffeeshop, or college variety). Unabashed fluff of the curtainfic variety - I like a dash of salt with my sugar. Sidelined female characters or marginalized characters of color. Second person (sorry!). Animal abuse. Rape as a plot device. PWP. For Yuletide, D/s, BDSM, kinks that end in "play" (and don't start with "fore") except where noted. And bananas. Because reasons.

(spoilers ahoy...)

Being Human (US) )

Hamilton — Miranda )

Parade's End (TV) )

Penny Dreadful (TV) )

Sleepy Hollow (TV) )

So that's my pitch, for five different fandoms. If I lost you somewhere in the madness, never fear: tell a story, enjoy yourself, and have a wonderful Yuletide. I look forward to whatever you have in store for me.


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